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Image-A-Week – 1

Thursday 10 December 2009
December Squall, Wellington County, Ontario

December Squall, Wellington County, Ontario

Here is the first in a series of Image-A-Week.

I made this photograph this morning during a driving snow squall. I had taken my camera along on the drive from Guelph to Cambrdige hoping to capture something of this snowy weather we are all of a sudden in midst of. It’s not unheard of to have snow like this in December here in Southern Ontario -in fact it’s common. It’s just that November was such a mild month with only a few dustings  (Toronto had the first snow-free November since the 1930s!) that we were becoming complacent.

There are two tricks tp photographing in the snow:

  1. have a cotton handkerchief with you to wipe the front element of your lens. It will get snow on it, so be prepared.
  2. When using Auto Exposure, set the exposure compensation dial to somewhere between +1 and +2. Remember, all light meters try to make the brightness of your image average out to middle grey. You need to brighten that up to the original snowy white of the day by purposefully overexposing. Digital shooters can check the histogram – the peak should be over towards the right (highlight) side

Histogram change from Normal to +2 stops in exposure compensation

I shot about 8 frames at this location at different focal lengths and framing (tree on left, tree on right, etc.)  In this case, there is no one image that captures the feeling any better than the others. Having a few different versions gives me some choices when it comes to decisions about layout and design when the image is used.

This is just the start of what I hope is a great winter season of photography.

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