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Image-A-Week #2

Thursday 24 December 2009

Over on dpReview there was a challenge entitled “What’s in Your Fridge“. Submissions had to be captured after the announcement of the Challenge so I put on my thinking cap and opened the fridge, camera in hand.

I like images with strong visual design elements and am constantly on the look out in my nature and outdoor photography for shapes, contrasts, textures and lines. I’m a bit obsessive about it, really, i that I will forego images that others might shoot and be successful at if they lack a certain harmony of design. My goal is to capture and recreate in prints the art of nature and without visual design elements, to me the art is lacking. Perhaps nature’s art is in its inherent beauty without the human constructs of design, but if I am communicating the people, then they need nature interpreted into a language they have a chance of understanding.

Anyway, what immediately popped out at me were the eggs. Their naturally pure lines, stark contrast and beautiful shape made them the obvious target for my forays into the art found in my fridge. I used only the light available from the kitchen light and the fridge light, so i had to increase the ISO to 800!

I began with a few photo sketches, watching how the light played on the shapes and how the shapes related to each other, keeping a close eye on the background elements. I quickly moved towards a simply design of just two eggs. After about 15 minutes of shooting I had what I wanted. I had visualized this image in black-and-white so I processed the image through ACR and submitted it to dpReview. Yesterday I awarded 5th place.

My thoughts eggsactly

My thoughts, eggsactly!

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