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Mohawk College – Cutting Edge Learning

Friday 21 January 2011

Last night I taught the first class of the new course in Lightroom being offered by Continuing Education at Mohawk College in Hamilton. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that with this course, we are on the cutting edge of learning.

Back in the Fall while teaching the Landscape course, a number of students asked about a course in Lightroom. I inquired about starting up a course only to learn that Mohawk does not have Lightroom on any of its computers and did not foresee installing it in the near future. I then suggested a BYO Laptop course wear students would download Lightroom for the educational price of $89 (US) directly from Adobe and show up to class with their laptop ready to go. And, voilá – here we are – the first course ever taught at Mohawk College Continuing Education using the BYO Laptop format.

When I was putting together the course proposal, I go thinking about how much more advantageous it is if people brought their own computer:

  • no issues with an unfamiliar operating system between suers and what the college has; e.g. Windows and Mac or Windows 98 / Vista / Windows  7;
  • familiarity with user customizations applied to the computer interface (icons, menus, dock preferences, etc.);
  • students’ catalogues and photos would be with them, so no issues about loading catalogues;
  • familiarity with the customization features of the Lightroom user interface.

Overall, it makes complete sense and with the cost and power of laptops being more of a non-issue, it has turned out to a near perfect fit. Now, if only the classrooms had enough power outlets for 18 users to plug-in! The problem was solved with a few power bars – thanks Anne!

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