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Niagara Falls – Nikon D800e

Wednesday 11 July 2012

A must-see when in southern Ontario is, of course, Niagara Falls. We have our German friends, the Liekes visiting from Arusha, Tanzania, so a day at the Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake and the vintners in the area is a must. Here are three from the day (all hand-held along with the many family snaps from the day)…

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  1. Wednesday 11 July 2012 3:33pm

    Great shots, but would appreciate if you indicate some metadata, like lens used, tripod used etc aperture and shutter, you know what I mean. I always love to learn

    • Thursday 12 July 2012 3:48pm

      HI Martin,
      Yes, I know what you mean about having metadata to learn by. Inthis case, these were hand-held shots, taken whilst doing snapshots of my family and friends. They were more “views” than serious shots. That being said, I have added some metadata to the caption of each photo. Hope this helps.

  2. Martin permalink
    Saturday 28 July 2012 9:52am

    Yes, the cottage shots are indeed great and I will post you a european kingfisher, if you like…Yoiur site is very nice, should work to do mine once, but quite now I am too much novice

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