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A few “pretty” nature photos from the cottage – Nikon D800e

Saturday 28 July 2012

Spent a few days at the cottage and managed to capture a few photos between reading and eating and family and rain storms and wind and heat. I call them “pretty” as they are, in my mind, more nature snaps than they are artistic. Enjoy!

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  1. Saturday 28 July 2012 9:48am

    My question: did you use a flashlight and tripod? As the 300 mm has no VR, that I very much regret

    • Saturday 28 July 2012 11:26am

      No, a flash was not used – but it is a good suggestion when there is less ambient light. These photos were made in full sun so, while a flash would add fill light, a flash in full sun wouldn’t reduce vibration from hand-holding. Often, for shots like these I would use a monopod or tripod – especially once I’ve determined favourite places for dragonflies and butterflies to alight.

      I’ve not noticed a problem with the lack of VR as I am able to take advantage of the higher ISOs like 400 which are much higher quality with the most recent sensor technology.

  2. Friday 7 September 2012 1:59am

    Really enjoyed those photos.

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